Drama: Episode #2

As the season has just started, we have a new episode of drama. Last season, it was full of Mourinho, Pepe, Casillas & Diego Lopéz. Do you think it’s over? No way. We have another one coming up….

“I would give the golden ball to Ribery because he was key to Bayern’s titles. The problem is that someone has scored 55 goals in a season…”

– Zinedine Zidane

As reported, Cristiano is not happy with what Zidane said. I’m not gonna take side here but I’m just gonna tell the truth.

Zidane is Ribery’s friend and like it or not, Ribery deserves the award, he should win it because his individual performance led Bayern to glory last season. However, does he need to say it publicly? Like I said, if you have an opinion that you think would make one of your friends sad then keep it. Zidane is not just a Real Madrid legend now, he’s a part of us, he’s on the bench for us every match, HE IS OUR ASSISTANT COACH.

Zidane is a honest person, we all know that but sometimes honesty can hurt. Cristiano is our best player, that’s for sure. But how come our best player doesn’t have the support of the club? Why? Why come out and say another person deserves the golden ball when someone from your team saving you every single match?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a beast but a beast also needs affection. We can agree that Barcelona sometimes care for Messi too much that they forget the others, but let’s take the good side, they backed Messi every single time. It doesn’t matter if Messi is right, wrong, stupid or whatever, they need Messi & they’re showing it. This doesn’t happen with Real Madrid and it’s a shame because we won’t be where we are today if it’s not Cristiano.

I completely understand that Ribery is also a player that will help Zidane’s country & on the other hand, he also has Cristiano that will help his club. It’s hard to choose, but if it’s hard to choose and if it’s hard to explain, then why can’t he be quiet? This statement is not helping, at all.

The only person from Real Madrid last season who backed Cristiano Ronaldo for the Ballon D’or was José Mourinho, but he was the wrong one. Casillas voted for Sergio Ramos with knowing that no chance Ramos would win it. Even Marcelo, Cristiano’s best friend came out and said Casillas deserved the Ballon D’or.

I respect their opinion but sometimes we have to think before we talk, because our words can hurt. As if everything Cristiano has done is not enough for Real Madrid, but that is not true. We’re just not enough for Cristiano Ronaldo, we have shown nothing to him even after he carried our badge on his shoulder.

What now? I can’t say anything, we’ll see how this goes and I would love for Zizou to come out and say something else. Don’t even think I hate Zidane, because I can’t but he needs to learn that not everything should be said publicly. I also hope for players to come out and show their support for Cristiano Ronaldo. After all, he’s just a human that wants to be loved.



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